Our Value

Our value for you… It’s all about potential

At Walker Healthcare CPAs we have the depth of experience and technical expertise to make a true difference for your organization. Our clients experience the “value add” which results from this combination. So to make it brief, we add value in the following ways:


Compared to our competitors, each member of our professional staff have extensive industry experience. This translates into...

  • Because of our consistent staffing from year to year of our engagement team, you do not need to bring new staff “up to speed” on your organization each year. This lessens the burden on your staff.
  • Efficient and effective approach to all dimensions of the audit and other engagements. Because of the depth of experience of each member of our professional staff, we know what to look for and can make decisions without the “bureaucratic” approach to decision-making.
  • We have former “C” level executives from senior living (including CCRC’s) providers on staff and as such we not only audit the numbers, but can help you improve performance with them.
  • Some of GAAP is interpretative based upon circumstances and factors which may be unique to each client and their business model. As such, we do not take an “institutional” or “one approach fits all” approach to accounting treatments.
  • Our firm is efficiently structured and as such our fees are very competitive.


Our expertise includes the following activities:

  • Audit and Attest Services: Because of our complete focus upon senior living and the seasoned experience of our professional staff, including HUD and benefit plan related audits and reviews, we can quickly identify areas for improvement. Also, as a part of each audit, we can provide benchmarks which can readily identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Bank and Bond financings: We have assisted clients with the procurement of bank and bond financings. This includes both taxable and tax exempt transactions which have ranged in size from $5 to $135 million. This includes assistance with offering materials as well as negotiation of key terms and covenants. Minimizing the cost of capital and restrictions of loan covenants.
  • Economic Projections & Project Development: We have assisted with financial projections and scenario planning for existing and planned expansions. This assists management teams, boards and financial institutions with an understanding of the range of reasonable outcomes which may be expected. Expand on or off campus and how?…we can help. We call this discrete scenario modeling and analysis. This will help you understand the range of investment you can afford before an architect is engaged, minimizing project scope changes.
  • Strategic Planning: We have deep experience with the construction and implementation of strategic plans. This includes the formulation and implementation of alliances and timed acquisitions. We have facilitated the conversations among board, staff and other key stakeholders which is essential to the successful germination of a strategic plan which is both relevant and actionable. This is a key point of translation of your organization’s mission, vision and values into action.
  • Interim CEO and CFO services: Since we have staff with extensive executive level experience both in and outside of senior living, we can help your organization to move forward within the context of both economic efficiency and mission fulfillment. From benchmarking to improved reporting to team building we have made a difference…We have been in your shoes.
  • 990 & Tax: We can complete your 990 and related forms with confidence and show you how your financials translated into these formats. Because we keep abreast of IRD rulings, guidance and developments, we can ensure your continued compliance while minimizing the burden of doing so.

In short we have helped many senior living organizations to be not only better but the best in their chosen markets.